Semen For Sale - Invest in 9164


The Unique - Mother Load of Maternal

CL 1 Domino 9164G 1ET Our Choice from the Cooper 2020 Sale Owned by Meitelr Cattle, Granzow Herefords and Cooper Herefords

Pedigree  A full tabulation of Landmark Mother Cows.  Beautiful, productive, ideal udders, functional flawless model brood matrons.

  • "The most incredible Line 1 pedigree for maternal perfection in a decade...every cow, every generation!" ~Gene Meitler
  • "Moderate Birth Weight, Payweight, Maternal, Carcass, a solid combination.. and "Function Traits" at the breed's top." ~Tom Granzow



GM L1 454-677

Registration (42922324) He is a easy fleshing bull that is very thick and has lots of pigment- anyone looking to grass finish cattle this is your bull! Semen For Sale!  CONTACT US